What Is Left

By CHARLOTTE WYATT | Published: October 27, 2010

This Earth; innocent and undeserving of our misuse, our cruelty, will become choked of life in the days to come.
Deterioration comes swift with the infection of humanity.
An ambiance above us; infinite in its longest reaches.

Unconquered, unattainable by man, yet somehow destroyed with our invisible fingers of contamination.

The Deep; a mass that lingers at the threshold; tolerant of our meddlesome exploits until it could endure no more.

We have watched, helpless, as the anger of Mother Nature has risen up to swallow the world in its colossal maw.

And we have wondered why.

The boiling seas, the desolate earth was not enough to warn us.

We, the obstinate parasites, have inevitably devoured every resource,

and will surely continue to do so until our days decline into darkness,

as clouds of smoke and smog gather as entities of permanence, never to clear.

Will that be enough of a warning?

Will Mother Nature say I told you so?

Any Comments?


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