Staring down the 6year old bully

By NADINE MAY LEWIS | Published: November 16, 2010

white, over weight with skinny scrawny side kick
just over half a decade old and all ready comfortable with in the stereotype
already signing up to be cast as the goon, shaking down the easy mark,
delighting in the misery he inflicts,
the confrontation was uncomfortable and unavoidable,
first to interrogate the victim, " did you tell him no?did you tell him to stop?"
quivering lower lip and affirmative head nod.
then back to the bully, "so, you are choosing to be the bad guy?
this is how you wish to be remembered?"
he whispers something in the side-kick's ear.
the side-kick spits venomous words out on command,
continue to stare down the 6 year old... it's uncomfortable and sad,
he is an ugly child,
physically over weight, grimy cheeks, dirt bond hair
shorn so short, beyond convenience, kept short out of planned neglect,
he's actions bring forth attention cause he hungers for attention and gets only negative, repeat "you're choosing to be the bad guy ?"
and he looks away breaks his glare gives up on the staring contest.
retreats to the sandbox and actually assists in the construction of a castle.
there is no victory
just a new-born sorrow, for him his clipped hair and clipped wings,
for his broken spirit for the dark space behind his eyes
for the skin toughened so soon,
he behaves while being watched
but who can bear to watch for long?
*may 2010
hasbrouck park new paltz

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