Just say no to drugs "Demons" Revised V1

By JOSEPH JOHN | Published: May 5, 2012

Come take a walk and talk with me I know all their dirty little secrets,

step out of denial CHILL OUT and maybe then you'll be able to see this,

oh go on and just say no to drugs,

so you won't owe those thugs,

like when those doped up drug dealers come flying up to you,

“I’’ve got some drugs that’ll mess you up I'm not lying its true",

so listen to me unless you want to be stuck fucked and looking confused you’ll just say no to ecstasy,

if you don't you'll be thinking: “why am I so horny? There’s just this corny ugly white boy standing next to me?",

just say no to weed,

because it’ll lead ,

to hacking coughing mood swings not to mention the irrational behavior and other drugs,

If you're a son of an addict you know what I mean you won't want to even give your own mother hugs,

stay away from the snort snort the sniff sniff - just say no to cocaine,

if you don't trust me you'll end up sniffing the whole damn thang,,

you'll even leave your friend who doesn’t do coke hanging and,

claiming that you’re “Too damn busy” and the whole shebang –and,

why would you even want to try this shit? Just say no to crack.

or else you'll have no choice you'll definitely be coming back,

didn’t you see the many warning signs? Just say no to crystal meth,

listen to that advice or it'll be the biggest pistol you would've ever met,

I’m telling you just say no to speed indeed,

or else you’ll be screaming: “Steve! Steve!,

Hey! hey! psst where are you going come back I love that shit I need some more pleaaase!”,

while acting like a child with your legs crossed sitting on the floor scratching on your knees,

see! Melanie you should've listened to Heather than,

I wish you did than to have shot up some heroin,

now for the rest of your life you'll be stuck doing that or methadone,

your best bet would've been just to have left it alone,

if you don't you'll be sooo paranoid so just say no to angel dust,

or else you’re trying to stop that plain from making a flame out of that bus,

oh just say no to drugs,

and don't hold those thugs,

when they come crying to you,

like: “I was lying to you”,

“I've got an addiction that’ll never be over flying and through”,

I wish you would hear me before all your friends are dying too!

just say no to drugs and don't even try it not even once,

that way you won't have to worry about dying over bumps,

just say no to the tobacco and don’t smoke on those filthy stinky nasty cigarettes

they don’t care if you all choke they’re just cashing in bigger and bigger checks

just say no to the hooch the booze the liquor the sauce you know the evil alcohol

you don’t want to lose control stumbling and holding yourself up against the wall

just say no to drugs I’m telling you don't sniff it snort it smoke it or even inject,

because if you do you'll be thinking you're cool getting involved in bisexuality bestiality and even incest,

Ewwww! listen to me I’M TRYING SO HARD to warn ya,

or else you'll be stuck living on that very same corner,

stuck looking stupid and confused wishing you were fed and warmer,

begging passersby like: "Hay buddy I need some food got a quarter ? "

By 1josephjohn

© 2011 1josephjohn (All rights reserved)

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