By the Opposites: A Poem [explicit]

By CULLIE DECKER | Published: November 28, 2011

A dream that started out as small and innocent as a raindrop

Gliding right off of the rooftop

Quieter than a silent prayer

The rest of the world is too stupid to see it there

It accelerates to remarkable speeds

This raindrop is now like a clear glass bead

Plummeting in a pissed-off fury to its own destiny

The rocket ride of a fucked lifetime awaiting me

But I do not know my own fate

Am I a total nobody or somebody great?

I expect something good to happen

But I am devastated by the opposites

I am tortured by the opposites

You help me off the floor so you can shove me back down

You crush all my dreams and then wonder why I’m not around

I was promised it’ll be all right

And then you turned off my light

Who could argue that it’s all part of the job?

Now we’ll take a little dark spin

And ride down the electrical spiral within

I am conquered by opposites of what is best for me

I am oppressed by the opposites

I am bound by the opposites

I am defeated by the goddamn opposites

We started out as friends

As of yesterday, we sure could click

Today I feel a panic attack as your rifle blows smoke on my prick

Word count: 221

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