By REBECCA PACEY | Published: December 29, 2010

Tall, thin and reflective,
The doors swing open and close,
The interior remains captive,
Within the cold castle.
It is not as I remember, I have travelled,
Far Into the future,
People have changed so much,
I am unrecognisable.
Much like myself,
It has changed so much,
I have no recollection of my former self,
Except one thing of which I am sure, I will remain truthful.
I do not belong in this time,
My presence has gone,
I am now a mime,
And have lost my presence.
You may not know me,
But it is true I am a part of you ,
And always will be,
Yet do you truly know me.
I am not a bird,
A lost treasure,
Nor a third,
Yet I am your ancestor, and have become blurred.

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