Escape Velocity

By DANIEL CARTER | Published: December 28, 2012

I felt the loss two time all before Im thirty two and would not dare to even possibly wish this thing on you
My heart is turning blue now quiete sickish shade of black
and all of the accomplished with a garden snake attack.
My son asked me when we'd go home I told him we were and to go play
So mommies coming back then? She wont be back tommorow son and probably not today,
My body feels so sluggish and my head a sucken wreck
You know I just cant call it, I spit so what the heck.
I reach for a cigerette that hasn't been there in hours.
I wonder why the hell i thought i didn't need some flowers
Within the herd of cattle im standing as they graze. But Im the only long necked giraffe

I can see outside the maze. They say that death is not a burden, rather a release. So I leave the minds retainer at Amanda rest in peace

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