Slacker's Silioquy

By GREG MAFFETT | Published: February 12, 2012

I have to write this

start it, first

how else can I finish?

A soliloquy, simple enough

talking to myself

is what I do.

so what have I done here?

Not much.

How do I feel about that?

Not bad.

That is the slacker's certitude.

I've been advised, counseled, excoriated

to achieve. Do something more.

Use my skills.

Demand better!

Uh, Dude, that's not what I do.

Not why I (us, we slackers) are here.

Chill, that is the thrill.

A relaxed thrill.

I don't have to write this.

I'm just writing it while I'm here

Not doing something else

That I started to do, but decided not to.

So I could slack.

There is a principle there,

and it is not entirely Attention Deficit, Dude-

though it may appear to be that.

It's more, I think, listening-

listening in a different way.

Not listening to the billions

who think they know how to run me.

Instead listening to-


I still hear them, (you-

as you are one of them.)

And true, sometimes I even do

something very close to what you say.

But when I'm doing, its not you that's driving me

It's me absorbing you or that part of you

That just said something


Any Comments?


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