The Gleaning

By DANIEL CARTER | Published: May 5, 2013

The gleanings of a writer or fantastic rocket flights

The dreaming of her shadow without a single light

We love ourselves the best and its our flesh we treat alright

I need you here tomorrow, your not even here tonight

It has happened to me twice now and the grieving is same

I wish there was more love

around me and not this pointless blame

I've spoke until my face was blue and tried to pay the minds

When ever single living soul is just a different kind

I love with a love that's more than true love and give more than i take

And only when these words are true will hatred loose and break

I wish my words were clearer and with time this may be true

I'm speaking into

your mind, yes, speaking right at you

I'd like to be a friend that friends would like to keep

But with all advantage taken, friends will always weep

My little boy looks up to me and not just because he's short

He does so cause he wonders why this world must contort

If any words of mine have hit or even shed the greed

please retain the meaning, live and plant the

Lover seed

Any Comments?


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