A life Changing

By KATRINA G | Published: December 28, 2012

Gazing in the mirror looking into my eyes, i see somebody that i barely realized. My eyes were more red, lashes longer, they were sharper than a two edged sword. I see my spirit crumbling and smashing into tiny bits, my soul going in and out, drifting away from the shore lightly like a ship. The birds that used to sing, silenced their voice towards me. The flowers . . . Oh the beautiful flowers that I once loved, refuse to blossom in due time. What has caused such a catastrophe?There is a god and I have ignored him.I turned to myself, and drowned in my folly.I found the mysteries and completeness of unconditional love, but I kissed my teeth, and rolled my eyes to the man who saved me by giving his life. I fall on my knees in my weakness, anger, anguish, crying out to save me, begging, pleading "don't leave me please! I am sorry, I repent, I am sorry, I repent!, I am sorry, I repent, I am . . ."

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