By NATASHA J | Published: November 14, 2010

In the twilight of my life,

When its time to find my way home,

When the harsh light of the day fades,

Into soft darkness.

The sun has abandoned the sky,

And suddenly there is a sense of urgency,

A haste to find shelter.

My steps quicken on the much known path,

I cannot see well, only silhouettes of people,

Progressing forward like dark shadows.

I can only see their faces,

When they are too close for comfort.

The air is torn with the cry of birds,

As they call each other to safety,

The hastened flutter of wings,

Cut though my soul like steely knives,

They cut through my sanity.

They fly in flocks across the sky,

And darkness descends like heavy smoke,

It engulfs all that falls in its path.

I strain my eyes to see ahead,

In the twilight of my life.

Amongst these ghastly faces, I must find you,

I must hear you over this din.

I know not what is ahead of me, my love,

But I give you my word, I will fight,

Till the last ray fades,

If only to unite our battered souls,

In the twilight of my life.

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