We are not other

By NADINE MAY LEWIS | Published: January 9, 2011

We are not other

all these labels and definitions are designed to discriminate

so we can distance ourselves from other, we create other as self defense,

we cling to the idea that we would never cause the pain the devastation the loss

we need it to be the boogeyman, we need our black hats, our collective evil

when in truth the propensity is present in everyone, the ability and accessibility . . .

rather than this futile effort to place blame, we need to first acknowledge that we are one

that the wolves, the villains, they are we. we must own them,

we must own the finger that pulls the trigger as much as we own the recipient of the bullet.

We must reveal and rejoice in each day, that collectively we renounce violence,

and we must mourn the day's we don't.

Cause in the end it doesn't matter why, really knowing why some one choose to do ill doesn't undo the ill done. We break, we are fragile bundles of nerves and we short circuit and break, and hold on to every fissure and we find justification for the most outlandish of actions. We are easily corruptible.

What we need to understand is that it is us, not a lone gun man,

but a world of orphans all crying to the winds.

We need to give up the false belief that be are born and dye alone, for the truth is we are in this every moment together, every action rippling through everyone else, so we rejoice and we mourn

and most importantly we keep moving forward with births and deaths and love

n. lewis bray

jan, 9th 2011

253 agnes st

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