When the Devil calls his own

By GRAHAM MCPHERSON | Published: September 2, 2012

When in a sky of blood red,
The sun does settle down;
The devil rides thru a ghostlike,
Yet living town
From the houses come horrid screams
And fearsome moans.
But ‘tis not from the innocents
But the devils own!

From every house and every home,
They are thrust, disowned.
Mothers daughters, fathers sons;
All alike, just as one
And of weddings that
The couples rue
They came; those
That became untrue.
Of those cast out, there was none faster
Then the local corrupt pastor
And they who cast them out
Were unwavering like stone
For you aid not the pure wicked
When the Devil claims his own.

Loudly, loudly they did plea to unto God
Whose words they had treated worse then sod
Through the night they were heard wide and far,
To avoid leaving with the damned Morningstar!
But they learned they were all alone
When the devil claims his own.

They tried to bribe the Lord of Greed
And lie to he who guided their every misdeed
They tried to flee but were bound by their sin
Knowing eternal misery was about to begin.
As the Pit drew near their weeping
Became a noise some drone
But ‘tis fair and just
When the devil claims his own.

Their past was judged by their every thought and deed
Seeking any good for which to redemption lead
Wanting they were all found
The most wicked people all around
As they did try to do to
Their neighbours where they did dwell
Now forever, they shall
Endure the horrors of Hell
Sorry now they learn too late to atone
When the devil claims his own!

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