One Last Chance

By ASHLEYY NICOLEE | Published: November 16, 2011

My arms are stronger than ever.

Although my legs are gone,

My legs are gone forever.

I’m not a beautiful swan.

Ever since one day my junior year.

I couldn’t wait thirty minutes?

Now that year is such a smear.

There are no antidotes,

To cure such a tragic.

I didn’t pay attention to the big truck,

Nothing can fix me, not even magic.

Texting and driving and still living is luck.

One text reading “I love you”

Could cause me to lose my truck and my legs.

Everything I heard while I grew,

Now I wish I just had pegs.

I lost the chance to be homecoming queen,

I lost the homecoming queen and king dance,

That’s just something you should learn as a teen,

I’m just glad I was given one last chance…

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