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Poetry - Why hope can be good, but never depended on.

Violence Kills the Beast

Poetry - Poetry on the picking yourself up.

Ah, my darling sweetie.

Poetry - Why politics, and social intrigues are so common. A poem for all of use when dealing with mindgames.

When the Devil calls his own

Poetry - Why Evil people should fear Satan, and Good people be glad when he collects his followers.


Poetry - It's kinda depressing.

Worth the fight

Poetry - This is for the kids out there who simply can't seem to be able to find any of their rights.

Just say no to drugs "Demons" Revised V1

Horror - Just say no to drugs because this is what WILL happen vs Just say no to drugs because this is what COULD happen. It's not worth the risk for me.

Time Again

Poetry - Poems don't write themselves. So every now and then...

Slacker's Silioquy

Poetry - A few words when I should have been doing something else.

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