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Where am I?

Poetry - Now and then, I remember where I am.

By the Opposites: A Poem [explicit]

Poetry - A poem about feeling devastated when the opposite of what you expect happens.

One Last Chance

Poetry - Poem I wrote for school, about my best friend who was texting while driving and nearly ended her life.

You over took the plants like a war at Penzance.

Life & Death - A poem I wrote while doing a creative writing course.

Money Poems

Poetry - Poems, yet another convenient way to avoid writing a November Novel.

Little Now Is Different Than Was Ever

Poetry - The thoughts a 20-something year old man in Cincinnati may have while observing commuters from the side of the highway on a gloomy weekday afternoon.

Standing Still

Poetry - This is one of the many random literary works that came to my mind, one day. I hope you enjoy reading it. :]


Poetry - Goals for everyday living.


Poetry - This poem is about how people go through change everyday and make certain goals to adapt to these changes.

Our Online Poetry Community

Recently, we opened up our online writing community to the publishing of poetry. We aimed to make our writers' poems stand out from the crowd with a stylish format. Not only that, we give our writers the option to earn revenue from their work. Sign up is free and easy.