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Poetry - This poem is about my life in general, how I saw myself before I found God.

Poor Little Dear

Life & Death - A poem reflecting on some deep issues

Are Only Some Bound To Love :

Poetry - I am a new writer. It's always been hobby but I feel I have a statement . I view that our nation is at peril and we need to face our fears if we are going to solve things. One can face fear with hope. I also like poetry .

We are not other

Poetry - a short poem in reaction to the rhetoric surround the arizon shooting on jan 8th 2011


Poetry - a poem that can be related to by anyone

A Boy's Choice

Poetry - A strange look inside this christian's mind (it's mainly symbolistic)

The Consultation

Poetry - Sometimes it's good to ask for help if you are able.

Years of Refusal

Poetry - Here's a sample taste of my poetry book that tells the story of life and the world around us, that's going to come out on January 17, 2011 which has gotten rave reviews.

Our Online Poetry Community

Recently, we opened up our online writing community to the publishing of poetry. We aimed to make our writers' poems stand out from the crowd with a stylish format. Not only that, we give our writers the option to earn revenue from their work. Sign up is free and easy.