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Poetry - Symbolic poem about a caged bird who craved freedom but when granted freedom, could not accepted it.


Poetry - A poem about crossroads of my life.

What Is Left

Environment & Conservation - This is my relection on the effects humans are having on the Earth.

They Will Not Defeat You

Poetry - This is a piece written with the intention of framing the basics for preservation of the inner self.


Beauty - A metaphorical poem :)

Heart Coin

Beauty - A poem about a heart coin

The Dichotomy of Me

Love & Romance - The Left-handed memoirs of a love sick menace

Our Online Poetry Community

Recently, we opened up our online writing community to the publishing of poetry. We aimed to make our writers' poems stand out from the crowd with a stylish format. Not only that, we give our writers the option to earn revenue from their work. Sign up is free and easy.